1. "The loneliest people
    Were the ones who always spoke the truth"

  2. "You know what’s overrated? Spelling."
    — Overheard in the Chicago Tribune newsroom (via chicagotribune)
  3. compoundchem:

    Dredging up this old graphic on the elements you can find in the various chemical compounds making up your smartphone today, since Reactions have made a great video to accompany it!

    You can watch the video here: http://youtu.be/66SGcBAs04w 

    Read the original article on the site & see a larger version of the graphic here: http://wp.me/p4aPLT-64


  4. sadboys-420 said: nottingham trent X

    Cool :) 

  5. omegamegalomaniac:

    Urbanears - Zinken 

    Most recent cop.


  7. maybe I am just bored of these kind of insight weeks and stuff. Networking session seems stupid and people just stand here and talk non stop. I don’t know, I just want to do work shadowing, I don’t like these 5 mins exposure time. I don’t like telling people about my life story why do I need to tell you that. I am on this programme and my intention is clear enough, I just want to get a job.

  8. melisa-rosato:

    Healthy raw vegan breakfast

    Desayuno crudivegano 

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  9. Anonymous said: Anatomy



    - Head, neck and face (ENT and otolaryngology also included here)
    Innervation of the tongue, palate, pharynx & larynx with mnemonic
    Extrinsic muscles of the tongue
    Lymphatic drainage of the tongue
    Memorizing how to draw the nasal septum
    How to draw the tympanic membrane
    Parotid tumors mnemonic
    - Upper extremity
    Hand of Benediction and clawing mnemonic
    Supination and Pronation of  Forearm
    Why do we feel temperature with the back of our hand and why not the front?
    - Lower extremity
    Peroneal nerve branches mnemonic
    Gluteus maximus is innervated by the inferior gluteal nerve
    Sciatic nerve distribution and Sciatica
    An artery is always palapated against a bone
    - Abdomen
    Left testicular vein drains into (Mnemonic)
    Peritoneal ligaments of liver
    Cell mnemonics
    Which cell secretes what? Gastrointestinal mnemonics
    - Neuroanatomy
    Coronal section of the brain highlighting lentiform nucleus, caudate nucleus & internal capsule
    Ventral and dorsal view of the brainstem highlighting cranial nerves (Diagrams only)
    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
    ♥ Location of synthesis of neurotransmitters mnemonic
    Embryological origin of brain mnemonics
    Parasympathetic ganglia mnemonic
    Fasciculus gracilis and cuneatus
    Vestibular nerve, pathway and mnemonic for the receptors
    Cochlear nerve, pathway and mnemonic
    Spinal cord organization mnemonic
    Cerebellum mnemonics
    ♥ Lateral medullary syndrome and lateral pontine syndrome mnemonic
    ♥ How to remember the difference between Wernicke’s area and Broca’s area
    - Ophthalmology
    Layers of the cornea mnemonic
    Refractive indices of the eye mnemonic
    Prolate and Oblate ellipse mnemonic
    Tropia vs Phoria
    Myopia and Hypermetropia mnemonic
    Progression of visual field defects in Glaucoma mnemonic
    Difference between Iris repositor and IOL dialer
    - Embryology
    Steps of mitosis mnemonic
    ♥ Aortic arch derivatives mnemonic images
    Nervous system origins mnemonic

  10. demnewswire:

    Anna, a middle class mom from Black Mountain, tells Speaker Tillis about how textbook cuts have left her son without a textbook to bring home, leaving her unable to help him with his homework.

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    (Source: youtube.com, via truth-has-a-liberal-bias)